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Medical Bill Collections

New medical bill collections workflows raise challenges for organizations

As a patient’s share of their medical expenses continues to rise, the days of considering medical bill collections as an afterthought or a lower priority are all but over.

Today, organizations must place more emphasis on collecting from patient balances since a patient’s share is now frequently a significant percentage of overall payment. This amount is likely to increase and a number of medical groups are changing processes to boost upfront collection rates.

Navicure® Payments™ can eliminate the cost of medical bill collections, including statements, phone calls, and collection agency commissions by collecting payments at or near the time of service.

With this medical bill collections solution, your organization will be able to:

  • Lower the risk of bad debt
  • Collect co-pays, unpaid balances, unmet deductibles and co-insurance easily right from your computer
  • Have patients commit to paying their share of the bill by authoring a one-time transaction or signing up for a payment plan
  • Provide your patients with an electronic statement versus a paper statement
  • Securely store a patient’s credit card on file

RCM Resource:

For more information on how to eliminate the cost of medical bill collections, download the Managing Your Revenue Cycle - What You Should Expect from Your Clearinghouse white paper.

Resource Guide:
Managing Your Revenue Cycle–What You Should Expect from Your Clearinghouse

Understanding how your claims clearinghouse should perform is crucial when it comes to healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). Make sure you know what you should expect from yours by downloading this this free white paper that outlines these features and how to assess your current clearinghouse’s performance.

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