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Waystar is Navicure + Zirmed
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Healthcare Data

Leverage healthcare data to accelerate your revenue cycle

Managing the healthcare revenue cycle can be a long and complicated process. With all the changes and new regulations taking place over the past several years, this process is only going to get more complex.

As a result, organizations must now search for solutions which allow their revenue cycle to be monitored more closely. However, you may be asking yourself – what capabilities should I be looking for when searching for a healthcare data partner?

In your healthcare data partner search, don’t underestimate the importance of finding the right vendor. Consider selecting a partner that provides a healthcare data tool that analyzes the lifecycle of a claim from the front-end process of submitting a claim to the back end process of post-adjudication, giving your organization a clear picture of how long it will take your staff to get paid.

Look no further than Navicure®. Navicure® Perform™, our healthcare data analytics solution, lets you stay on top of the constantly changing landscape of your revenue cycle by providing actionable data and points your staff to the specific issues impeding reimbursement.

Navicure’s healthcare data analytics solution provides:

  • Dashboards that show key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can drill down into the cause(s) of the issue(s)
  • Peer benchmarks so you can compare your practice to similar organizations
  • The ability to identify and correct problematic claims from within one platform

RCM Resource:

For more information on how to leverage healthcare data to accelerate your revenue cycle, download the Managing Your Revenue Cycle - What You Should Expect from Your Clearinghouse white paper.

Resource Guide:
Managing Your Revenue Cycle–What You Should Expect from Your Clearinghouse

Understanding how your claims clearinghouse should perform is crucial when it comes to healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). Make sure you know what you should expect from yours by downloading this this free white paper that outlines these features and how to assess your current clearinghouse’s performance.

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