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Total RCM for Medical Billing Services

Navicure® Total RCM Platform™ can help your billing service increase profitability by improving both payer and patient collections for your clients and reducing the cost of managing claims and patient collections for your organization. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Benefits to your organization:
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Reduced denials
  • Increased patient revenue and decreased collection costs
  • Unmatched 3-Ring® Client Service from Navicure®
  • Increased client satisfaction
Benefits to your clients:
  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Improved revenue
  • Increased client satisfaction
Visit BillingBetter.com, a website dedicated to helping Navicure® billing company clients become more profitable and generate new business.

All of our solutions are supported by Navicure’s unique 3-Ring® Client Service which guarantees that a client service representative will answer every client call in three rings or less.
Total Revenue Cycle Management
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