Waystar is Navicure + Zirmed
Waystar is Navicure + Zirmed
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Accelerate Cash Flow
With Navicure® Total RCM Platform™

Everyone wants to improve their cash flow. The tricky part is how. Unfortunately, hope is not a good strategy, but implementing Navicure® Total RCM Platform™ is. You’ll realize the greatest benefit by using all of the products within the platform. However, each best-in-class product on its own will help speed cash flow.

Navicure® Perform™

Cash flow bottlenecks are bound to happen. The key is finding the cause and making adjustments to ensure the same problem doesn’t happen again. Navicure® Perform™, an intuitive data and analytics solution, comes with preset dashboards that enable you to easily understand why you’re experiencing an issue. This means that you can focus your time on fixing the problem versus identifying it.

Navicure® Payments™

Help ensure that your patients will pay their portion by having them commit to doing so before they leave your office. With Navicure® Payments™, you can securely store each patient’s debit or credit card information and charge the card once the patient’s financial responsibility is known, enabling you to collect what you’re owed faster.
Navicure Total Revenue Cycle Management Platform

Navicure® Care Estimator™

Would you like to have your patients pay their financial responsibility at the time of service? Present them with an estimate of care and you have a much better shot of having them do so. Navicure® Care Estimator™ is a simple way to easily create patient estimates. Since it relies on your historical remittance advice there is no need to load and maintain cumbersome fee schedules.

Navicure® ClaimFlow™

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to decreasing A/R days and increasing cash flow. Thanks to Navicure® ClaimFlow's™ powerful claims scrubber, our clients enjoy a 98% clean-claim first-pass rate. Plus, we have multiple payer submissions a day so there’s no need to worry about cut-off times. We get the claims to the payers faster so that you can get paid sooner.
Navicure 3-Ring Policy

Navicure® guarantees that all support calls will be answered
within three rings by an experienced analyst.