Waystar is Navicure + Zirmed
Waystar is Navicure + Zirmed
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Reduce Cost and Effort
With Navicure® Total RCM Platform™

Navicure® Total RCM Platform™ can help your organization decrease the cost and effort of managing insurance claims, patient billing and payments, and data analytics.

Navicure® Perform™

Monitoring your financial performance does not have to be difficult. With Navicure® Perform™ it isn’t. Say goodbye to the days of compiling reports from a number of different sources. Instead, use the pre-configured dashboards to easily understand what’s working well and what needs your attention—first-pass rate, claims submissions, rejections or denials.

Navicure® Payments™

So long to the time and money associated with patient balances, staff phone calls, paper statements, and collection agency fees – not to mention the bad-debt write-offs. With Navicure® Payments™, you can securely store each patient’s debit or credit card information and charge the card once the patient’s financial responsibility is known. No paper statements, calls from staff or collection agency needed.
Navicure Total Revenue Cycle Management Platform

Navicure® Care Estimator™

Providing patients with an estimate of care not only increases their satisfaction, but also increases their willingness to pay. Fortunately, creating a care estimate with Navicure® Care Estimator™ is very easy. Plus, there is no need to upload and maintain cumbersome fee schedules. Estimates are based off of your historical remittances.

Navicure® ClaimFlow™

An efficient, focused staff benefits your bottom line. Navicure® ClaimFlow™ was designed with this in mind. It’s definitely not your typical clearinghouse solution, but rather a workflow tool for managing the entire claims process. The dashboard highlights rejected and denied claims that need your attention. Use the online claim form to quickly make the necessary updates to your claims and keep your cash flowing.
Navicure 3-Ring Policy

Navicure® guarantees that all support calls will be answered
within three rings by an experienced analyst.