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Navicure’s award-winning claims management solution is designed to help you collect more money in less time with less effort. Our powerful claims scrubber monitors all rejected claims and creates additional edits based on the rejection reasons, which increases the first-pass rate for all Navicure users.

Reduce A/R days by correcting and resubmitting claims online
Lower administrative cost as Navicure is your single place for claims: Electronic, Paper, Primary, Secondary, Professional, and Institutional
Increase clean-claim rate with our Medical Necessity and CCI Edits
Categorize your rejected claims with our Rejection Category Report, which enables you to identify and work rejected claims easily and efficiently and quantify most common rejections so you can prevent them in the future.
Simplify claims management by tracking claims every step of the way using our dashboard and search tools
Create secondaries with ease, including coordination of benefits information

Click here to access our Primary and Secondary Payer Search tool.

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