Waystar is Navicure + Zirmed
Waystar is Navicure + Zirmed
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Increase Revenue
With Navicure® Total RCM Platform™

Navicure® Total RCM Platform™ can help you increase revenue from both patients and payers. Although you’ll see the greatest benefit by using all of the products within the platform, each product on its own can help you improve your revenue versus where you are now.

Navicure® Perform™

Revenue leakage is a problem for most healthcare organizations. With Navicure® Perform's™ pre-configured dashboards you’ll be able to easily identify the cause of the leakage, including issues with rejections and denials. Once you know the source of the problem, you can implement processes to prevent the issue from happening again.

Navicure® Payments™

You’ve probably felt the effects of high-deductible health plans on your revenue, 30% of which is most likely coming from patients. With Navicure® Payments™ you can get the patient’s commitment to pay at the time of service.
Navicure Total Revenue Cycle Management Platform

Navicure® Care Estimator™

Collecting from one of your top payers—your patients—doesn’t have to be painful. At the time of service, use Navicure® Care Estimator™ to easily and quickly generate patient estimates. This will not only improve patient satisfaction, but also increase patients’ willingness to pay and improve your bottom line.

Navicure® ClaimFlow™

You deserve to get paid for every dollar that you bill insurance companies. With the tools available in Navicure® ClaimFlow™, you’ll be able to do just that. Check eligibility, submit clean claims, manage denials and appeal denied claims.
Navicure 3-Ring Policy

Navicure® guarantees that all support calls will be answered
within three rings by an experienced analyst.